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Director:  Jean Negulesco

Writers:  John Patrick (screenplay), from a novel byJohn H. Secondari

Other cast members:  Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters, Rossano Brazzi, Maggie McNamara

Filmed at Cinecitta Film Studios in Rome and on location around the city in the summer of 1953, the motion picture was released by 20th Century Fox in May 1954

Louis Jourdan plays a predatory Italian prince in a tale of American secretaries in Rome, some eager and some supposedly uninterested in finding love there.

Being a film clearly intended as visual entertainment (showing off Rome), it is no surprise that Louis Jourdan's part is not an acting role, but a decorative one.

While the implication is that he is a philandering playboy, there isn't the slightest trace of anything but impeccable behavior in any of his scenes, and that says as much as anything about his contribution. Even the lover part of his Latin Lover image has been emasculated. All the more appalling since Jean Negulesco was a director who particularly appreciated Louis Jourdan's cinematic abilities.

But if he had a plethora of complaints about the kinds of scripts he was offered, he certainly couldn't object to the beautiful clothes the wardrobe department supplied, THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN being a point in fact - but he is little more than a mannequin in this one.

Nevertheless, the film did have an unexpected dividend. It was the part that lead him to be cast as Gaston in "Gigi."

This film is available for viewing on the internet starting HERE

While the young American secretary (Maggie McNamara pretends to have the same interests in art and music as Prince Dino, in the end she admits her deception.