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Director:  Jacques Tourneur

Writers:  Philip Dunne (screenplay), Arthur Caesar (screenplay)

Other cast members: Jean Peters, Debra Paget, Herbert Marshall, Thomas Gomez, James Robertson Justice, Francis Pierlot, Sean McClory, Holmes Herbert, Byron Nelson, Douglas Bennett, Mario Siletti.

Filmed on location in South America and France. Released by 20th Century Fox in October 1951

Louis Jourdan plays a French sea captain who, when his ship was seized by the British,  is forced by them to infiltrate the pirate community in the Caribbean before they will return his vessel.

Very loosely based on the real life of seafarer Anne Bonny, the original title of this picture was “Drums Along the Amazon.”

His ship held for ransome by the British until he can enable them to capture the destructive pirate Captain Providence, the French master adopts a false name, roaming around the Caribbean, allowing himself to be captured and enduring other indignities before he falls into the hands of the legendary pirate the British seek, only to discover that Providence is a woman.

Against the judgment of others, the tough woman allows him to join her crew, and though her mentor Blackbeard is also suspicious of him, she cannot resist the new navigator. Though he manages to lure her with possible treasure to enable the British to ensnare her, she escapes, and in revenge, kidnaps his wife with the plan to sell her at a slave-market.

The husband's desperate pursuit in order to rescue his wife brings him another confrontation with Captain Providence who first tries to inflict a slow death on the couple, then reverts, and saves their lives.

Though, on the surface, ANNE OF THE INDIES  seems no more than an adventure movie, it actually affords Louis Jourdan more acting scope than most of his previous American films. He moves comfortably through the part of this somewhat more complex character who must make deceit look real or lose his life.

He is as convincing in his guise as a French privateer seeming to be romantically interested in a woman he detests as the outraged ship's master betrayed by the British.

Clip #5 includes his heated encounter with the English and tender reunion with his wife (played by Debra Paget), but throughout, he is ever ready to stand up to Jean Peters' strong-willed pirate queen, and makes what might be a run-of-the-mill adventure movie something a little special by his presence.


Anne of
the Indies


1 arrival
2 suspicion
3 lure
4 romance
5 determination
6 plan
7 captured
8 no mercy
9 demise