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Director:  Marc Allégret

Writers:  Marcel Achard (dialogue), from the Gaston Arman de Cavaillet play

filmed at Studios de la Victorine, Nice, 1942

Other cast members:  Claude Dauphin, Micheline Presle, Giselle Pascal

Like L'Arlésienne, Marc Allégret based LA BELLE AVENTURE on a film from the previous decade, in this case, a German one.

On her wedding day, a young bride who has always been in love with her cousin (played by Louis Jourdan) takes off with him, and they hide out with her grandmother who believes that the couple are married. While her groom-to-be manages to find the pair, he himself decides to leave them be, and takes up with his fiancée's friend.

Though filmed in the fall of 1942, LA BELLE AVENTURE was not released until after the Liberation of France, as Claude Dauphin's movies were banned when he joined the French Liberation Force after shooting this film.

with Micheline Presle, Giselle Pascal