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Director:  Jean Negulesco

Writers:  Edith R. Sommer (screenplay), Mann Rubin (screenplay, Rona Jaffe (novel)

Other cast members:  Hope Lange, Stephen Boyd, Suzy Parker, Joan Crawford, Martha Hyer, Diane Baker, Brian Aherne, Robert Evans

Filmed in the late Spring and Summer of 1959 at 20th Century Fox Studios, the movie was released in October of that year

Louis Jourdan plays a stage director who takes his involvements lightly, and usually drops women before they're ready to leave

THE BEST OF EVERYTHING was a very splashy film which received reviews from the elated to the disdainful. It's portrayal of single women in a New York publishing house was almost a dark version of a film in which Louis Jourdan worked for director John Negulesco five years earlier, “Three Coins in the Fountain.”

Even his own character  - in both cases, womanisers - metamorphosed from a gracious, optimistic and genuinely charming individual to a cynical one with the hardest of edge, as the happy endings of the earlier vehicle were replaced by misery and even the macabre.

So different from most of his other Hollywood roles up to this point, it's rather refreshing to watch Louis Jourdan with all the sweetness removed - just too little of him in this film, and no character development beyond posing a problem for a wannabe actress that eventually - with her disturbed mind assisting - leads her to perdition.

And that begs the question, why he allowed himself to be swallowed up in the maze of characters (as Joan Crawford also did), when his box office stock was soaring as a result of starring in the massively successful “Gigi” which had already garnered its nine Oscars before THE BEST OF EVERYTHING even began shooting.

Ostensibly, he took the part as a favor to his croquet pals, Jean Negulesco and Darryl Zanuck. So many stars passed from consideration through signing and quitting before the final cast assembled on the sound stage that it may be that the actor set to play the stage director deserted the picture on the eve of shooting, and Louis Jourdan may have relished the opportunity not to play a romantic Latin lover.

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Less than thrilled with Gregg when she auditions for him

He is nonetheless glad to take he back to his apartment after a party

But her whining makes him quickly fed up with their affair

When he catches her going through his chest of drawers, he throws her out, never realizing how neurotic Gregg really is