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The Louis Jourdan Website - La Vie de Bohème

Director:  Marcel L'Herbier

Writers:  Robert Boissy (dialogue), Nino Frank (adaptation),

Filmed at Scalera Studios, Rome, 1942

Other cast members:  María Denis, Louis Jourdan and Giselle Pascal

Bearing a plot resemblance to to a film regarded as France's finest, “Les Enfants du Paradise” (which was actually made later, but released earlier as a result of the fact that FELICE NANTUIL was banned over Claude Dauphin's participation in Another Louis Jourdan film shot before all of France was occupied, but not released until after the hostilities in Europe had ended.

The four seasons of love and tragedy in the life of Parisian artists without the singing is problematic, and we can never know what pressures existed on the set of this film, with war raging across Europe.

This leading part in a desirable property, LA VIE DE BOHEME's timing meant that it did little for Louis Jourdan's career.