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English titles: "Her Bridal Night,""The Bride is Much Too Beautiful"

Director:  Pierre Gaspard-Huit

Writers:  Philippe Agostini, Odette Joyeux

Starring:  Brigitte Bardot, Micheline Pressle

Released in October 1956

Louis Jourdan plays a magazine editor who doesn't realize that he's in love with a model he's discovered

Becoming a top model doesn't change the sweet heroine, but she changes the lives of the sophisticates who discovered her.

This quickly paced romantic farce is held in affection by many for its pairing of Louis Jourdan and Brigitte Bardot as the model he's catapulted to fame. The two thoroughly confused lovers, each paired off with another mate, nevertheless manage to marry one another twice in the film, making for lovely photos.

But to quote Louis Jourdan's character, referring to the 800,000 copies of his magazine in which he'll appear as groom, he'd be “made a jackass 800,000 times.”

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