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Director: Marc Allégret
Writers: Marc Allégret (adaptation), Marcel Achard (play)

filmed at Studios de la Victorine, Nice, August - September 1939

Other cast members:  Michèle Alfa, Marcel André, Charles Boyer, Jacques Dufilho

Adapted by Marc Allégret from  Marcel Achard's successful 1938 play within a play, “Le Corsaire” (“The Pirate”), the story tells of a troup of actors putting on a play about a pirate of centuries past, then finding themselves again and again encountering similarities from the piece in their own lives until things seem to be spiraling out of control.

There was high excitement reverberating in 1939 from the proposed new film, expected to project on screen the dreamlike qualities of Achard plays, particularly because Charles Boyer, now an international star, had returned to France from Hollywood to make the film.

But it was not to be, and after only a month of shooting, production ceased in September 1939 as France began to prepare for war, and Boyer returned to America.  All that remains of LE CORSAIRE is a collection of random and unedited film sequences and the pictures shot on the set by photographer Raymond Voinquel, whose images of Louis Jourdan (erroneously labeled on publication as Pierre Jordan).

It was a disappointing launch to Louis Jourdan's film acting career which had only just begun, following Allégret's invitation to his assistant camera operator on ENTRÉE DES ARTISTES to go before the camera on his next film, the exciting property with Charles Boyer, but the Voinquel photographs proved it to be an eye-catching one nevertheless.

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Raymond Voinquel's famous cult picture of Louis Jourdan from LE CORSAIRE

Raymond Voinquel photo which appeared i