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Originally titled "Once Upon a Time"

Director:  Hugo Fregonese

Writers:  Giovanni Boccaccio (novel), George Oppenheimer (screenplay)

Other cast members:  Joan Fontaine, Binnie Barnes, Joan Collins, Godfrey Tearle

Filmed in the summer of 1952 on location across Spain, with interiors shot in London, DECAMERON NIGHTS was eleased by RKO in November 1953

Louis Jourdan plays Boccacio, the great storyteller of Renaissance Italy, as well as the principal character in three of the tales he tells.

A lush and extravagant film that hides the fact that it was made on a low budget (by tramping all over Spain to shoot at locations which mirrored 14th century Italy), DECAMERON NIGHTS attempted to bring the extremely bawdy tales of Boccacio to the censorship-ridden American cinema of the 1950s. And succeeded!

The major overhaul done to the three stories which are told by Boccacio to a house of ladies seems to have converted them into fairy tales; that in itself a major accomplishment.

The twinkly side of Louis Jourdan is brought out, and even inspires Joan Fontaine to feel at home with the comedy as they romp about in lavish period costumes. (Her role was originally scheduled to be played by Yvonne de Carlo.)