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Director:  John Frankenheimer

Writer:  Leonard Spigelgass

Other cast members:  Evelyn Rudie, Kay Thompson, Ethel Barrymore, Hans Conreid, Monty Wooley, Charles Ruggles, Conrad Hilton, Inger Stevens

First Aired: "Playhouse 90," CBS,
22 November 1956

Louis Jourdan plays himself as a resident neighbor of the precocious Eloise at The Plaza Hotel.

Kay Thompson's popular “ELOISE” books came to life for the first time in the person of Evelyn Rudie on Thanksgiving Day 1956 with an all-star edition of the prestigious drama series Playhouse 90.

Heavily trailed, the live program had a large audience, and expectations were high with a cast including Ethel Barrymore, Louis Jourdan and other famous names.

The challenge for all was not just playing against a child actor, but one of Miss Rudie's excellence in a farce-oriented drama, but everyone held their own against the hurricane that the young actress presented.

A delight to see Louis Jourdan out of type casting, and applause to KUCHLENZ for making this rare footage available on YouTube.

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with author Kay Thompson & Monty Wooley

with Inger Stevens &

with Evelyn Rudie