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The Louis Jourdan Website - The Escape of Mendes-France

Director:  Allen Reisner

IWriter:  Whitfield Cook

Other cast members: Walter Cronkite, Eva Ralf, Maurice Marsac, Jean Del Val, Werner Klemperer

First Aired on CLIMAX!, CBS, July 14, 1955

Louis Jourdan plays Pierre Mendez-France

In celebration of Bastille Day, the thriller series “Climax” ran this drama documentary - narrated by Walter Cronkite - about the World War II incarceration of Dr. Pierre Mendez-France, the former Cabinet Minister who was arrested by the Faschists on false desertion charges while in the French Air Force.

It follows him planning his escape from the German occupyers in the early 1940s by tying his bedsheets to make an escape rope in order flee to Britain to join the Free French forces of Charles de Gaulle during World War II. The teleplay was based on Mendez-France's own account of the incidents.

Louis Jourdan as Pierre Mendez-France