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The LOUIS JOURDAN WEBSITE is currently under construction, and we look forward to offering a number of special features in future.

For now, enjoy some of the following:

The TV Series "Paris Precinct"

Louis Jourdan's Broadway Triumph in


in English

1960 CORONET Magazine profile
1985 PEOPLE Magazine interview
Louis Jourdan by Robin Wood
Louis Jourdan in wartime France
entry in "France and America"
Advertising for Dior
English Lesson in Life Magazine
Advertising for Foster Grant

en français

Ciné Revue N°20 (1961).
Cinémonde Octobre 1952
Orange Cinema Biographie
L'Encyclopédie Du Cinéma
Interviewé par Cinémonde 1948
Jacques Lucchesi Biographie
Grand Dictionnaire illustré du cinéma
Olivier Barrot évoque Louis Jourdan
Légion d'Honneur
Paris Match 1949
Les Séduteurs Du Cinéma Américain
Le beau ténébreux à l'écran
Jacques Becker & Rue de l'Estrapade
Jacques Tourneur & Anne of the Indies


Features  on Quique Jourdan and Pierre Jourdan

Louis Jourdan Columnist

Croquet Hall of Fame Entry

Note: Two pictures have been falsely identified as Louis Jourdan on Google Images, photo sharing sites and even video tributes.  NOT he, they are the two other gentlemen named below.

Producer Herbert B. Swope, Jr (1915-2009) with whom Louis Jourdan used to play croquet

Left, Actor Jack Larson with Leslie Caron at her Hollywood Walk of Fame star (located next to Louis Jourdan's)

At right is a modern photo of Louis Jourdan taken in July 2010 when he was decorated with the Légion d'Honneur