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Released in the USA as "Twilight"

Director:  Marc Allégret

Writers:  Marc Allégret (screenplay), Curt Alexander (adaptation), Charles de Peyret-Chappuis (adaptation of "Histoire Comique" by Anatole France

Filmed at Studios de la Victorine, Nice, 1942

Other cast members:  Claude Dauphin, Micheline Presle

Bearing a plot resemblance to a film regarded as France's finest, “Les Enfants du Paradise” (which was actually made later, but released earlier as a result of the fact that FELICE NANTUIL was banned over Claude Dauphin's participation in the Resistance), this motion picture has always lived in the shadow of its predessor/successor, and as a result, been compared unfavorably.

Two men in love with one actress (in EDP, it was four, and the lady a courtesan), it is based on an Anatole France story, and also has a nod to the 1937 film “A Star is Born,” having an older - and secont-rate - actor who takes on as a protegee a beautiful and talented young woman who is multitudes beyond the man who discovered her.

His love for her is the beginning of his destruction when she falls for the Count played by Louis Jourdan. Some adore this film, regarding it as Allégret's finest, especially in his recreation of the Belle Epoque. Others condemn it. It's available on DVD for you to form your own opinion.