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Director:  George More O'Ferrall

Writer:  Patrick Hamilton

Also starring:  Margaret Leighton

Original Airdate:  "Play of the Week," September 30, 1960 (ITV network United Kingdom)

Louis Jourdan plays a husband who uses psychological torture to terrify and isolate his vulnerable bride.

Originally bearing the title “Angel Street,” on which the famous 1944 movie was adapted, the 90-minute TV production recounts the story of a girl who had discovered the murdered body of her famous aunt, and returns to the scene of the crime as an adult with a new husband.

He is the murderer of her aunt, and has married the young opera singer to get access to the house where he hopes to find the jewels he was trying to steal when he killed her aunt. The tricks he applies make his wife believe that she is going mad.

Playing the part Charles Boyer so brilliantly executed in the film, Louis Jourdan had at last found an outlet to display his métier in this British production which offered plentiful scopefor his acting skills.

with Margaret Leighton