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Director:  Richard Fleischer

Writers:  Earl Felton (screenplay), Samuel A. Taylor (play), Robert Fontaine (stories)

Other cast members:  Charles Boyer, Marsha Hunt, Kurt Kasznar, Linda Christian, Bobby Driscoll, Marcel Dalio, Jeanette Nolan, Jack Raine, Richard Erdman
Released by Columbia in October 1952

Louis Jourdan plays the bon vivant brother of a family of French Canadians.

The history of “The Happy Time” started out in story form, became a successful Broadway play, and this screen version was followed up by another New York incarnation as a musical.

All based on a coming-of-age tale about a boy growing up in 1920s Ottawa in a family which includes a will-o-the-wisp grandfather, two uncles, one a flirtatious traveling-salesman (Louis Jourdan) and the other who drinks wine from a water cooler (Kurt Kaznar reprising his Broadway role from the play) and a very wise father (Charles Boyer), THE HAPPY TIME is a movie many people hold dear to their hearts. Though the plot is rather flimsy, they find something most endearing about the family ensemble that's left happy memories of it.

Though he got second billing, Louis Jourdan's part is peripheral - to add a bit of sparkle to the production, which he indeed does. There is just all too little direct interaction between himself and good friend and business partner Charles Boyer. As it's their only film together, more of same would have added an extra dimension to the proceedings.

Otherwise, Louis Jourdan is doing the usual - flirting endlessly. This screen activity may not have been his favorite, and though he had it down to a science, there was a harking back to “Letter From An Unknown Woman” in his operation.

with Linda Christian

with Charles Boyer

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