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The Louis Jourdan Website - Journey by Moonlight

Directors:  Marc Daniels, Franklin J. Schaffner

Writers:  Edward Dein, Mildred Dein, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Bill Scott, I.A.R. Wylie

Other cast members:  Joy Page, Steven Ritch, Mel Welles

Original Airdate: Ford Television Theatre, ABC,  5 January 1956

Louis Jourdan plays a French naval officer attached to his country's legation in Cuba during World War II.

Having survived the sinking of his ship, a young lieutenant finds that he is unable to contact the woman he was engaged to in Martinique. When assigned an espionage role in neutral Cuba to determine whether German U-boats are using Havana to mount torpedo assaults on the French Navy, he is reunited with the girl, but finds that she believed him dead, and has married another man.

Her husband, the owner of a bar, appears implicated in supplying German craft, but he helps connect the Frenchman with a port official who sells information about German activities for a high price.

As a result, the U-boat is destroyed as well as the schooner servicing it - and immediately afterwards, the port official is gunned down.

While trying all the while to win his former girlfriend back by trying to convince the woman that her husband is guilty of aiding the enemy, in the end, believing in their love and innocence, the lieutenant vouches for the couple.

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with Mel Welles