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Director:  Andrew L. Stone

Writer:  Andrew L. Stone

Other cast members:  Doris Day, Barry Sullivan, Frank Lovejoy

Filmed on location in the Carmel, California area in Spring 1956 and released by MGM in October 1956

Louis Jourdan plays a psycopathic pianist who murders a man in order to marry his widow, then full of jealous rage, terrorizes her.

This melodrama about stalking and domestic terror represented Louis Jourdan's first villain role, and according to the actor, was one of his favorite parts from the first two decades of his career - playing a man whose mind is twisted in a vortex of love and hate.

Playing opposite his neighbor of many years, she being a terrified wife trying to escape from the insane husband bent on killing her, he managed to display the cool detachment and wild frenzy of a demented mind so convincingly, that's it's a wonder that he didn't suddenly become type cast in such maniac roles. Were it not for “Gigi” looming the following year, he just might have been playing Count Dracula a lot earlier.

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