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Director:  Vincente Minnelli

Writers:  Robert Ardrey (screenplay), Gustave Flaubert (novel), Harry Morgan

Other cast members:  Jennifer Jones, James Mason, Van Heflin, Alf Kjellin (as Christopher Kent), Gene Lockhart

Filming began in December 1948, and the motion picture was released by MGM in August 1949

Louis Jourdan is the forbidden fruit in Flaubert's book about boredom, romantic fantasy and marital infidelity.

The mold appears to have set, and for Louis Jourdan, appearing once again as the lover in a “woman's picture,” the opportunity to develop a Hollywood career of diverse roles appears to have passed, with producers disregarding his acting talent in favor of finding him a convenient stereotype to decorate a picture - and one who could plump box office figures with the draw he had on female moviegoers.

All the same, this is a serious and excellent film, one of the best adaptations of the classic novel, wherein Vincente Minelli put much attention to detail, and Louis Jourdan plays his part magnificently, whether wooing Emma Bovary or rejecting her when she comes to him later on looking for money to save her husband's property.

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