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The Louis Jourdan Website - The Man Who Beat Lupo

Director:  Anton M. Leader

Writer:  James Warner Bellah

Also Starring:  Joanna Barnes, Roy Gordon, Wilton Graff, Rhoades Reason

Original Airdate: Ford Television Theatre,
ABC, 27 February 1957

Louis Jourdan plays an aristocrat who was the finest swordsman of all time - in secret.

This compact little story paints a number of sequences in the life of an honorable man, and efforts he makes to live to his code - all in less than a half hour.

Those who love “Letter From an Unknown Woman” will immediately catch a flavor of that film, its time and Louis Jourdan's appearance in this TV drama. (There are scenes in “The Man Who Beat Lupo” in which he resembles himself in the Joan Fontaine film, like no other in his career.)

But he's playing a totally opposite person here - one for whom ethics and honor is all. He first sacrifices his rights as a nobleman to become a professional swordsman in order to support his mother.

When he falls in love with his best friend's fiancée, he tries to depart the scene, but on her wish, then admits their romance to the man who challenges him to a duel.

With his skills, he could easily destroy his friend in a second, but allows himself to be bruised to enable a good end to the combat.

Though necessarily condensed and possibly over-romanticized, it's a piece that all Louis Jourdan admirers should watch.

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part 1

His portrait painted by a friend

part 2

Confrontation over a love affair