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The Louis Jourdan Website - Parade en 7 Nuits

Director:  Marc Allégret
Writers:  Marc Allégret (screenplay), Marcel Achard (dialogue)

filmed at  Studios Pathé-Cinéma, Paris, Studios de la Victorine, Nice, 1940

Other cast members:  Jules Berry, Victor Boucher and André Lefaur

As production of Marc Allégret's motion picture LE CORSAIRE - which was to be Louis Jourdan's film debut - was cut short by the onset of World War II, his PARADE EN 7 NUITS was also interrupted by events, but in this case shooting resumed almost a year later, being released in September 1941.

Begun in Paris and moving on to Nice for filming, the motion picture takes place in a dog pound where one of the inmates regales his fellow inmates with stories of his past life, the first involving the character played by Louis Jourdan, a circus performer in love with a perfumer's daughter. The dog tells the story of how everything went wrong for his master, the clown, ending on a tightrope, and causing the dog to find a new home.

In addition, there are three other unrelated sketches. The next involves a jealous husband who, in hope of discovering the name of his wife's lover, recites to the dog a litany of the saints, but when the dog reacts at the name Marcel by going to fetch the lover's trousers, the indignant husband takes his revenge by throwing the dog out.

However, the dog appears to prosper, nevertheless. But after an altercation at his home with two wealthy brothers, one of their associates is found dead, and the dog proves that it was not the brother who was suspected, but the other who is guilty of the murder.

His next master is a dedicated priest who reunites an unmarried father with his son and sweetheart when the infant plays the part of baby Jesus at midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.