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Also syndicated under the title “World Crime Hunt,” PARIS PRECINCT had a long line of production companies, ending with the ABC network, and preceded by Guild Films, Etoile Productions and Motion Pictures for Television, one of which was the partnership of Louis Jourdan and Claude Dauphin, the stars who owned the series produced for them by Andre Hakim.

Indoor locations were shot at Paris-Studio-Cinema, with Paris and environs affording the diverse exterior locations, something quite unusual for 1950s television.

Most unusual of all, however, is that, though produced in France, the series was intended for the US market, and scripted and shot in English.

It was stated that the screenplays were based on Surete files, and Jean Baylot, Prefecture de Police of Paris was credited in each episode for his cooperation.

The series first appeared on ABC on Sundays in the 6:30 pm time-slot, and went on into syndication after its initial run.

There would appear to be a discrepancy in the air dates available for the pilot and first episodes, both beind listed on the same date.

Episode 1: Moulin Rouge
Air Date: 3 April 1955
When the body of a woman is found in the River Seine, Inspectors Beamont and Balbec must solve the murder case with only the woman's wedding ring as a clue.

Episode 2: The Firebug
Original Air Date: 10 April 1955
Several people are killed in a hospital fire started by an arsonist, with three suspects possessing the keys to the storeroom where the fire was started.

Episode 3: Fake Paintings
Original Air Date: 17 April 1955
Inspector Bolbec combs art galleries in a search for dealers who sell forgeries, and the detectives become involved with a beautiful art dealer and a brilliant artist wasting his time faking paintings.

Episode 4: The Acid Case
Original Air Date: 24 April 1955
A beautiful girl disappears, showing up later as an ex-con's companion.

Episode 5: The Convict
Original Air Date: 1 May 1955
Inspectors Bolbec and Beaumont are targets of a murderousescaped convict.

Episode 6: Two Blind Men
Original Air Date: 8 May 1955
A list of addresses is the only clue when a blind beggar (carrying a 1,500-Franc note) falls backwards into the path of an oncoming Metro train.

Episode 7: The Actress
Original Air Date: 15 May 1955
A leading lady is murdered, and the police believe the killer to be among her fellow players, and Inspector Beaumont requests a staging of the play to pursue the investigation.

Episode 8: The Cemetery
Original Air Date: 22 May 1955
When Inspector Beaumont looks into the life of a murder victim he discovers that she frequently visited a cemetery.

Episode 9
Original Air Date: 29 May 1955
A woman is intent on suicide - unless the police will bring her dead lover to her.

Episode 10: The Squeaking Shoes
Original Air Date: 5 June 1955
A man begins to receive threatening letters, but does not take them seriously, then he's found dead.

Episode 11: The Case of the Pastry Chef
Original Air Date: 12 June 1955
After a young baker decides to have a fling before his wedding, his body is found in a cruise trunk.

Episode 12:  A Woman Scorned
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Original Air Date:19 June 1955
A girl is poisoned, and the trail keeps leading to innocent parties.

Episode 13: A Tale of the Shirt
Original Air Date: 26 June 1955
The only clue to a man's murder is a laundry mark found on the victim's shirt.

Season 2

Episode 14: Murder Without a Corpse
Original Air Date: 25 September 1955
A jealous husband conspires to murder his wife's ex-lover, and drives her to the scene of the crime to frame her for the Killing.

Episode 15: The Third Man
Original Air Date: 2 October 1955
Three safe-crackers are identified by a girl. She later changes her mind and says there were only two thieves.

Episode 16: Autumn Leaves
Original Air Date: 9 October 1955
The solution of an old revenge killing depends on which informer gave the correct date of the murder.

Episode 17
Original Air Date: 16 October 1955
A father leads the police to several scheduled meetings with his child's kidnappers. When they don't turn up, the detectives become suspicious.

Episode 18: The Toy Doll
Original Air Date: 23 October 1955
A stolen doll is the main clue to an old woman's killer.

Episode 19
Original Air Date: 30 October 1955
A night-club singer's lover, suspected of robbery, has a perfect alibi: he's serving a jail sentence.

Episode 20:
Original Air Date: 6 November 1955
Beaumont and Bolbec attempt to smash a counterfeiting ring.

Episode 21:
Original Air Date: 13 November 1955
Evidence indicates that an extravagant girl murdered her disabled uncle.

Episode 22: The Circus Story
Original Air Date: 20 November 1955
A crazed bandit wounds several circus spectators while attempting a series of robberies.

Episode 23
Original Air Date: 27 November 1955
Two car thieves escape and leave their innocent dates to face arrest.

Episode 24: The Dead Alley
Original Air Date: 4 December 1955
When a woman seems unsurprised that her ex-husband, a wealthy real-estate executive, is found murdered in an alley, she becomes chief suspect.

Episode 25: The Book Keeper
Original Air Date: 11 December 1955
A bookkeeper tries to convince inspector Bolbec to join him in the 'perfect' crime, but the man is later found injured next to a safe.

Original Air Date: 18 December 1955
A mad thief is threatening to introduce bubonic-plague into Paris' water system.

Click the images below to watch the episode
"A Woman Scorned," and note how the two stars leave the strongest parts to their guest cast.

Part 1 - at the scene of the crime

Part 2 - questioning first suspect

Part 3 - A dreadful discovery

Part 4 - Typing up witness statement