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The Louis Jourdan Website - Les Petites du Quai aux Fleurs

Director:  Marc Allégret
Writers:   Marcel Achard

Filmed at Studios de la Victorine, Nice, 1943

Other cast members:  Odette Joyeux, André Lefaur, Gérard Philipe

A bookshop owner is beset by the romantic trials and tribulations of his four daughters. The mould seems already to be setting. Once again, not in a cliche-ridden Hollywood film, but in his native France, Louis Jourdan is playing the cast member whom the women fall in love with. In this case, he is engaged to one girl, while her sister is enamoured with the fiance.

We are longing to see him in a serious, complex role with psychological undertones, but then, in this era of the cinema, such parts are written only for older actors.  LES PETITITES DU QUAI AUX FLEURS represented Louis Jourdan's virtual retirement from French cinema (to which he didn't return for a decade), and from his acting career for the next several years.