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Released in the USA in 1947 as "Her First Affair"

Director:  Henri Decoin
Writers:  Henri Decoin & Michel Duran (screenplay), Richard Busch (German post-synchronized version)

filmed at  Paris Studios Cinéma, Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine

Other cast members:  Danielle Darrieux, Fernand Ledoux, Rosine Luguet, Gabrielle Dorziat

Produced by Continental Films, the German-run motion picture company that had the most freedom and suffered the least censorship during the Nazi occupation of France, this delightful movie was directed and co-written by one of the leading lights of wartime French cinema, Henri Decoin (only recently separated from its leading lady at the time of filming), and first released in August 1941.

The “first date” in question occurs when a girl from an orphanage makes contact with a man through a newspaper ad, and becomes involved in a correspondence before meeting him. However, it is not only she who has painted a false picture of herself as a young woman from a well-to-do family, for instead of being the prince charming she'd imagined, her rendez-vous turns out to be with a middle-aged school teacher who claims that he's appearing on behalf of the person who wrote the letters (in fact, penned by himself).

The comedy holds up throughout, and it's easy to see why the charming Danielle Darieux was the top star of her day. The newcomer chosen to be her love interest is none other than Louis Jourdan - quite a coup for someone who hadn't even had a film released when cast.

She sings the song “Premier Rendez-vous” to him, and the sweet melody still can cling to the mind as it did for years, being Danielle Darieux' biggest hit, and one that filled the hearts of people across France during the terrible years which followed. (It's in both clip listed below. Don't miss it.)

Full of mishaps - embarrassments for the teacher and curtains for the girl when social welfare people catch up with her - love nevertheless conquers all. With whom should not require many guesses.

Not only has PREMIER RENDEZ-VOUS lived on through its music, there was a remake in mid-50s Germany, and the original was shown at the 1998 Cabourg Film Festival.

Louis Jourdan Scenes from

Louis Jourdan Scenes from

romantic interest of France's leading star in his
second film
expected to pretend he wrote the letters

with the uncle played by Fernand Ledoux

Dinner together and much blessing