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Director:  Alan Dinehart

Writers:  Fulton Oursler (short story), Alexander Greendale (adaptation)

Other cast members:  Margaret Hamilton, Ellen Cobb-Hill

Louis Jourdan plays a young man whose fiancée dies in a fire, leaving him bitter and bereft.

In A STRING OF BLUE BEADS, Louis Jourdan breaks out of the stereotype Latin Lover character to play a young antique dealer who throughout the piece, places an exorbitant price on a necklace, first because he wants to give it to his fiancée, then after her tragic death on Christmas, continues to do so to keep them as a treasured memento of her.

Three years later he ends up tracking down a little girl who wanted the beads as a present for her sister, and sells them for nine cents.

Louis Jourdan's performance reflects the conservative nature of his character, someone old beyond his years who becomes even more so after the bereavement. The subtle transition that is effected by the little girl and his cleaner's advice quite effectively  blossoms into someone with a positive outlook for the future.

An early TV movie (and one of the first television films shot in color), A STRING OF BLUE BEADS was the pilot for an unsold anthology series "Screen Writers Playhouse."

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Part 1 with Ellen Cobb-Hill trying the beads

Part 2 - Denying advice of housekeeper (Margaret Hamilt)